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Criminal Defense Attorney In Abilene

When you are arrested, the consequences of any conviction — whether misdemeanor or felony — can have too big of an effect on your life to not take them seriously. My name is David N. DeFoore, and I am a criminal defense attorney serving Abilene, Texas, and the surrounding area. Call my office if you are facing criminal charges such as:

I will fight to protect your rights and help you resolve your charges in a way that meets your goals and helps you get your life back on track. I can even help you obtain an occupational license so you can continue to drive to work.

An Important Voice In Texas Post-Conviction DNA Testing

My commitment to equal justice for all led to me gaining recognition in legal journals before I became a lawyer. I wrote an article for the Texas Tech Law Review in 2000 about Texas’ failure to give people the right to have DNA evidence tested after they were convicted.

Because of my work on this project, I am familiar with the usefulness of DNA evidence and how it can be a safeguard against a wrongful conviction. As your attorney, I will go the extra mile to make sure that every piece of evidence that could possibly help your case is gathered. Since my article was published, Texas now has a generous compensation program in place for people who were treated poorly by our legal system.

Call David N. DeFoore, Attorney At Law, For The Representation You Need

To learn more about how I can help you if you have been charged with a crime, contact me online or call my law firm in Abilene at 325-480-2401 or 800-325-4250 to schedule a free consultation. I accept credit cards and offer Spanish translation services.